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Description: Starring: Jessica Ryan, Reno

A beautiful woman with gastrointestinal problems goes to a massage therapist – he relieves her stomach discomfort, but not in the way she expected – he snaps her neck and fucks her corpse. 1 Girl, 1 Guy A woman walks down a hall and comes to a door She is clearly having some stomach issues Nevertheless, she knocks and he lets her in She explains her situation and he is understanding He massages her shoulders, and applies some massage techniques to her stomach He invites her to lay down on the massage table He leaves the room, and she strips off her clothes Naked, she lays face down on the table He returns, and massages her shoulders, back, and middle body He has her sit upright He continues to work on her muscles to alleviate her discomfort In the middle of massaging her, he gets a call He apologizes, but has to take it He leaves the room She goes to his refrigerator and gets a can of soda Returning to the table, she sits and drinks The gastrointestinal issues continue while she waits She lays face down again Her stomach continues to seize uncomfortably Finally he returns, and begins to massage her again He sees her gastro distress and has her sit up He places one hand under her chin and the other on top of her head At first he seems to be preparing for a chiropractic adjustment But instead he abruptly snaps her neck She goes limp, falling back against him He lowers her back face down on the table Taking off his pants, he climbs on top of her He begins to fuck her limp body He moves her into several different positions, continuing to fuck her Finally he climaxes onto her ass and back He leaves her beautiful, well-fucked corpse there on the table.

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