Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, Rape, Necro, Strangle, Snuff, PKF Studios

Description: Starring: Katie Kush, Tommy Pistol, Jacob Cox

A woman alone in her house is assaulted, raped and murdered by two men. 1 Girls, 2 Guys The two guys carry the naked woman into the bedroom They fling her on the bed As she squirms, they use a zip ties to bind her hands behind her They also bind her ankles with another zip tie A cloth gag is tied across her mouth She is left alone in the bedroom She struggles face down to get free, but fails The men return with a large dildo They cut the tie from her ankles and remove the gag The dildo is forced into her pussy and mouth When they think she is ready, they haul her off the bed She is forced onto her knees They make her give them a double standing blowjob She’s hauled back up onto the bed She is double-fucked in her pussy and mouth First she’s taken on her stomach, then her back They gag her again and use a belt to re-tie her ankles to her wrists She squirms, bound face down The men leave again and return with a bottle Once again they cut her bods and rape her Then they bottle-fuck her She’s brought down on her knees again A second double blowjob, this time until the men climax Having had enough of her sexually, she is put back on the bed The belt is wrapped around her neck One man strangles her with it The other man roughly fondles her while she chokes They strangle her to death with the belt Death-struggle, drool, red face, death stare Her beautiful corpse is sprawled on the bed The men finally lift her body up and carry her out of the room.

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