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Description: Starring: Vienna Rose, Reno

A vampire seduces, fucks and murders a sexy maid. 1 Girl, 1 Guy A man is working at a desk in his office A maid comes in and starts to clean up the room She cuts her finger by accident, and the blood gets him aroused He gets up and sucks her bloody finger She sexually fantasizes about him while he sucks her blood He moves her bloody finger into her own mouth and she sucks too He starts to fondle her sexually She is bent over the edge of the desk He exposes her black lace panties, then her pussy She spreads her legs for him and he licks her cunt Opening his pants, he starts to fuck her They fuck hard on the desk, just like her fantasy Switching positions, she sucks his cock After fellation she mounts him and rides him cowgirl She switches to reverse cowgirl After a wild ride she sucks him again They get up and he strips her completely nude Pushing her back down on the desk he fucks her again Finally he takes her from behind He pulls her hair while screwing her She puts her own discarded lingerie in her mouth He pushes it into her mouth harder, still fucking her Finally she is on her back on the desk He licks her pussy, but then suddenly shows his fangs He bites her and she bleeds Soon she is bleeding from pussy and one breast Completely under his spell, she lets him fuck her more Finally he bites her neck and she collapses on the desk She bleeds out and dies while he fucks her again Her sexy, bloody corpse is left death-staring on the desk.

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