Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, Rape, Necro, Strangle, Snuff, PKF Studios

Description: Starring: Ashley Lane, Talon, Anthony

Continuing from Part 1, two masked men have entered a woman’s home and are interrogating her to find a man named Damien. They sexually torture her for the information. 1 Girl, 2 Guys Men in black ski masks Woman is tied to bed, nude except for boots and black thigh highs Men strip, fondle her roughly Forced BJ Forced missionary intercourse Double penetration (missionary and BJ) Woman is flipped to her stomach Further double penetration (from behind and BJ) Hair pulling Doggie-style anal Further multiple double penetration sex positions Woman put in cuff restraints, wrist to ankle, face down More forced sex Woman smothered with bed comforter, choked Woman moved to the floor on her knees Hair pulling double BJ Both men climax in her mouth Wood-handled garrote wrapped around her neck Long struggle/strangle Fondled by one assailant while the other fondles her Ligature mark on neck Drooling Woman dies, death stare Garrote left around her neck Final position on back, arms above head, legs dangling .

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Duration: 00:36:59

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