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Description: Starring: Coco as Grace X & Xander X W/ Rex as Spy Rex & Chris B. as Boss X

Grace is sitting in her office awaiting news of her sister’s demise. She gets a knock at her office door, it is Boss X with a DVD that was sent by the Double Agent spy who killed her sister Xander, who was a fledgling Agent who was on her first mission. Grace plays the disk and it shows Xander seducing Agent Rex, and as things get hot they kiss, and Rex is groping her, kissing her lips and neck. They fall to the bed, getting hotter as Rex lowers his hand to her pussy and starts to rub her. He gets her going and soon he thinks he is in control. GRACE WATCHES AND STARTS TO GET HOT. Rex is fingering Xander and she starts to get off and as she cums, she sneaks the gun under the bed and slowly brings it up then tries to shoot him, but misses and he disarms her. They exchange blows, and some punches, Rex tries to slam her but she rolls out and gets free, running towards the gun and grabbing it up, she points it at him but he grabs it and points the revolver at her belly and fires into her waistline at close range.WATCHING THIS GETS GRACE REALLY GOING. It throws her back to the bed and she sinks down to the floor. Spy Rex is in control and he heads over to her, punching her a couple times, then he undresses her shirt, then puts the gun to her right breast and fires, popping her tit, which starts to bleed. She is in shock and reacts with a groan and a yelp. He taunts her more and puts the gun to her other breast, punching her in the shot tit. He shoots her in the left breast and she is in major pain. GRACE CONTINUES TO WATCH THE VIDEO, FINGERING HERSELF IN HER THIGH HIGHS..He taunts Xander, smacks her a bit, and then taunts her more with the gun, putting it to her head, then mouth, then pussy. She tells him, “Just shoot me in the pussy so I can have my last orgasm as I die!”, “Please shoot my pussy.” He puts it, holding out for a second then POP, right in her clit, she reacts and cums hard, then after a few twitches and a buck or two she dies.GRACE CUMS WILDLY, OVER THE MOON WITH DESIRE TO KILL THE SPY AND AVENGE HER SISTER’S DEATH.. Eyes wide and mouth open. Spy Rex loves to fuck them while they are warm so he goes right in and strips her panties, just leaving the black boots and fucks her bloody pussy with the shot clit. He screws her dead body as she bounces, he loves grabbing her tits and legs as he pumps. He cums on her mound and then gathers himself, tossing her to the side and exiting, leaving the gun to show she died by her own weapon. GRACE FINISHES UP AND GRABS HER GUN HEADING TO THE LOCKER ROOM.

Grace gets dressed to kill in her tight skirt and lacey tight top, black/red bra, red g-string, and lacey black thigh high stockings, with high heels. She gets made up, brushes her hair and checks her sidearm. As she looks in the mirror she vows to get revenge. She heads to the spies house, late at night as he sleeps, she creeps down the hall. She gets to his room where he lies on a sofa, covered with a blanket. As she aims and readies her gun he does a diving roll and she fires trailing him, hitting him in the shoulder with the .40 s&w which causes him to be in shock for a moment. She gets over him and points the gun. She tells him he is done, and she is going to get off while he lies in pain, but she will make it slow and painful like Xander’s death. She grinds him and tells him as she puts the gun on his dick that hse will fill his dick with lead if he doesn’t take her heals off and suck her toes in the thigh highs. He does as he’s told, enjoying her feet before she stands over him. She rubs one out over him with the gun first and then her fingers, which she licks clean before she points her piece to finish him off. As she is basking in the glow of a good orgasm, he has freed his extra gun from his waist and has it aimed straight at her clit. As she taunts him she realizes she is doomed and POW! He shoots her in the clit as she stands over him, making her lift off the ground, and let out a yelp and grunt. She goes down holding her crotch, dropping her gun and he kicks it out of the way. She is in great pain and showing it as she bucks and grunts and whines. He gropes and punches her, then removes her bra and top. He takes the gun and punches her tit with it before blasting her right breast. She shrieks in terror and pain, grabbing her wound, and then as he punches her shot tit, she screams in pain. He shoots her in the other breast and she grunts and cries out in pain. He squeezes her tit and the blood pours out of the hole in her tit. She is in major pain. He adds more to her plate and puts a slug right in her buttonhole, making her scream orgasmically. Then he kicks her in the side a few times to add insult to injury. She is bucking and spreading her hosiery covered toes, and he stands up over her, telling her she was an amateur like her sister and that her Agency is weak. He shoots her in the head, killing her instantly, and her body twitches a bit, plus a couple of jerks, and she is out. Her eyes are wide and a trickle of blood comes from her head wound. He knows it is time to remove her panties and fuck her warm pussy good. He screws the hot twin spy and blows his wad on her mound too, it is his signature move. He then rolls her and he takes off to round up some intel, and make a call. Her body is panned, and Xander’s as well back and forth. The two dead, sexy spies loved their jobs and loved the final death being shot in their pussies. Rex comes back to Grace, she is a legend and he must take one last look. He grabs her face, looking her over, puts her face up and spread eagle, then exits to leave her for the viewing. Grace X and Xander X fought well, but they were no match for Agent Rex.

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