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Description: Beth is an undercover drug cop. Her last assignment was to get close to Kyle, a drug kingpin. She ended up falling for him but after a while he dumped her hard for another woman. Feeling hurt at this betrayal and angered by a failed assignment, she wants revenge. She goes to Detective Caroline Reese, her handler and friend, and tells her that she knows Kyle has five million cash hidden away somewhere. They decide to shake down Kyle for the cash. Reese sits him on a chair. He asks why he’s not in jail. Beth tells him that they want the five mil. He laughs at them and replies “fucking bitches.” Both ladies take turns beating Kyle about the face, throat and body with the butt of their guns. Reese takes off her coat and tells Beth to go toss his house, she’s gonna have some fun. She then pulls her pistol out and whips Kyle several times across the face. He protects his face best he can with his cuffed hands and she lands several blows in his gut. Kyle seems spent but refuses to break to her questioning. Reese tears open Kyle’s button down shirt and admires his muscular frame, “no wonder Beth fell for you.” She hits him several more times. She decides to tease him with what he’ll never see again and she takes off her blouse and poses for him in her bra. She asks him if he likes what he sees and he just groans. She likes having power over men and takes her bra off. Just then Reese’s phone rings, it’s Beth, she’s found the cash. Reese tells her to put it somewhere safe and come back. She draws her gun on Kyle and steps on Kyles handcuffs with her high heeled foot. “Too bad, you’re really quite a man.” He looks up and replies “Yes I am.” Just then he uses her foothold on his cuffs and throws her leg up knocking her backwards and falling on her back. He is on top of her in an instant, straddling her and using his handcuffs to choke her with his hands wrapped around the back of her neck. Now it’s his turn. He chokes her out tormenting her and taunting her with words when all she can do is look at and reach for the gun she dropped just out of reach. She chokes and gags for several minutes when Kyle realizes Beth will be back soon. He demands that she look at him and she does. He rears up and brings his weight down on the cuffs. Reese’s throat crunches and she lets out a high pitched gasp as her eyes widen. He uncuffs himself with her keys then picks her up and carries her to the couch where he lays her over the arm face down. As he strips her pants blood drools out of her mouth and onto the floor. He fucks her hard as she drools and twitches until he comes in her ass. He sits her body up with legs spread eagle facing the door ready to greet Beth. Beth opens the door and walks in just in time to see her handler pissing across the floor. She looks at her still wide eyes, purple crushed throat, and bloody mouth as Kyle strikes her across the back of the head. Kyle strips Beth’s shirt, gun, pants, and underwear. He handcuffs her hands behind her and starts to play with her pussy and tits. She moans and starts to wake so Kyle rips the phone cord from the wall and wraps it around her throat. He kneels at her head so he can savor all her grimaces and pulls the cord tight. She wakes up and starts to thrash around. She manages to turn on her side several times but Kyle pulls her to her back each time. He verbally taunts her as he did Reese. She plants her feet and lifts her ass in the air several times as she slows down. Her ass drops to the ground and she convulses violently as drool pours from her lips. After a while she is reduced to twitching so Kyle ties off the garrote in a bow to make sure she gets no air. He then bends her knees and fucks her on the floor. Next, he pulls her on top of him and fucks her cowgirl. He picks her up and sits her next to Reese. Beth’s bladder releases in an arch onto the floor. He wraps Reese’s arms around Beth and puts their respective guns in their hands, then leaves to go reclaim his five mil.

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