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Description: Contains: Small Set-Up, Foot Play, Surprise, Home Invasion, Necro Rape, Nudity, Undressing, Death by Choking, Fondling Editor’s Note: This video is marked down in cost due to the lighting being slightly darker than we wanted but still is a good flick. For those who love to watch a naked natural busty woman kill a man. Description: Sierra plays a nurse home from a long day of work whe she is suddenly attacked. Her attacker hits her with a metal object several times then tries to strip her to fuck her. Hired by her ex-husband, he moves in to strike her again when she awakes and kicks him in the balls. He falls back to the couch and she fights with him. Unfortunately for him, she is trained in how to handle uncontrollable patients and she has no problem forcing him dowjn into a position where she can choke him. She bears her weight down on his throatpipe. He fights to free himself but loses to this strong woman. The excitement of the kill turns her on and she confesses her lonliness to him as he dies. She then takes out his cock and decides to fuck what is left of him. Will she kill again? Stay tuned.

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Resolution: 624 x 480
Duration: 00:09:49

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