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Description: Kiki killed Coco in the last fight to the death, and her sister wants to find the bitch responsible and off her, well, after a good fight that is. Coco’s sister Grace is waiting in the seedy motel room by the river for her opponent, who she fought and lost to in the ring a few nights before. She is surprised Gypsy showed up, but is licking her chops knowing she will get some info and kill Kiki’s sparring partner. After some serious shit talking, the two girls agree to the terms of the fight, 4 rounds to kn0ock out, and in the last round, loser dies, by whatever means necessary. They dance around looking like they are both warming up, smirks on their faces, and after Gypsy swings and misses, Grace laughs too soon and finds herself taking a few punches. They fight hard back and forth, Gypsy is tough for her size, and Grace is just tough period, taking all kinds of blows, being punched, tackled, kicked, head banged, and kicked in the ribs. Gypsy takes the first KO and her top is removed as Grace treats her like trash. Talking smack to her limp KO’d body. She squeezes Gypsy’s perfect breasts, and slaps her awake, Gypsy gets up and is dazed, but quickly throws a couple punches that stun Grace, and body shots, right and left crosses, to uppercut KO, which puts Grace face first into the carpet. Gypsy smacks her around, banging her head, she removes Grace’s top and beats her while she is unconscious, then she puts the grip on her tits just like was done to her. Grace wakes up screaming in pain, but gets out of it and they both get to their feet and go for another round. After a knee to the pussy Grace goes down hard and Gypsy kicks her and beats her down. She knocks Grace out as she mumbles. Gypsy goes to grab her things saying she may fight dirty, but she is not a killer. That is her mistake, Grace comes to and stumbles upright as Gypsy gets her things together to leave. Grace attacks her from behind, spinning her around and giving her a couple combos to the face and then kneeing her in the groin a couple times, making her KO. She kicks her while she is down, punting her ribs, but knows that this has to end now. She drags Gypsy by her braided pony tail and drags her to the edge of the bed. She remembers her training at the Academy, and snaps Gypsy’s neck as she is knocked out. After the bitch is dead, she opens her eyes checking to see if there are any signs of life which there are not. She drags Gypsy up to the bed and starts to ragdoll her around, fondling and smacking her tits and ass around, treating her like garbage. Her phone rings in a strange tone, she picks it up and it is Kiki, talking shit asking where Gypsy is and why she is not dead. Grace just tells her she is coming for her for what she did to her sister Coco. She throws her phone into the wall and goes back to ragdolling, and poses Gypsy for Kiki to find, spread eagle and eyes open.

He body and face are viewed and panned. Grace leaves to prepare to meet Kiki when they determine a location, too bad for Gypsy.

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