Categories: Bloody Game, RolePlay Snuff, Strangulation, Execution, Abduction, Maniac, Stabbing, PKF Studios

Description: Starring Belle

The future holds an over populated nation and crime is used as a way to eliminate those who are not compliant of the rules. This has created a very compliant society. However, those who choose not to obey and become “free thinkers” end up in. The Strangling Room. This is exactly where the beautiful young Belle adorned with bright pink and purple hair has found herself! Unlike the rest, Belle committed the crime of thinking for herself and must be punished so she was abducted off the streets, thrown into a van and brought to her fateful demise. As Belle is preplexed looking for a way out of the room a man dressed in all black shows up and his stone silence is creeping Belle out! “Tell me what is going on?!?” Belle pleads. “You can’t just take me off the streets and lock me in a room all day! I don’t even care that I missed important meetings all day I just want to go.” As Belle tries to walk past the man he grabs her by the neck placing a rope around her supple and soft milky skin. Belle tries to fight off the man kicking and struggling, but her efforts are in vain as she drops to the floor. She is still kicking and gagging but all movements come to an end as she looses her life. The man undresses her stripping her clothes off and exposes her large perky breast and young beautiful body before he walks out to his next job.

Fetish Elements: Body Fondling, Strangling, Garrote Strangling, Foot Views, Body Views, Stripping, Nudity, Body Views, Death

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Extension: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:13:20

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The Strangling Room – Belle.mp4

The Strangling Room – Belle.mp4

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