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Description: Starring Kay

Kay just got off the phone with her girlfriend when she was attacked. He tossed her onto the bed like a doll and was on her, in her face, running his hands all over her, keeping her from going anywhere-intimidating her. She was terrified, trapped between fleeing and frozen, she cried, pleaded, moaned, yelled, screamed and struggled as he smothered her in his stink and sweat, taking her.owning her. Tearing and cutting her clothes off, he continued to explore her, licking, sucking her tits, fingering her tight wet pussy. She wanted him..he just knew she did. But she did not. He threatened her, grabbing her throat, trying to make her shut up. Finally, he gagged her, then continued his attack. After tying her to the bed, he fingered and banged her until she was shooting out orgasms while agonizing in terror. Then, he forced her to suck his cock, then it was time. He fucked her, letting it slide in, telling her he was going to cum in her tight pussy, that she was going to make a baby for him. She was tied up-she could not do anything but take it. She was at his mercy. Then, he came deep inside her and he was done, climbing off, preparing to leave. She might have lived. She might have, if she held her tongue. But, as he was leaving, she yelled something out at him. Something, he was not too keen on hearing. The look in her face was precious as she realized what she had done. The brief, oh so brief moment of empowerment was quickly replace by regret and absolute terror. Then, he was on her, clamping his hand to her throat and not planning to let go until the cunt bitch was dead. She struggled hard, thrashing about, still tied to the bed. She did her best. Her head arched back, veins popped out of her neck, her pelvis rose, arched, body shook. After a while it was over, her outstretched tongue fell back in her mouth as her muscles realized. Her eyes a blank stare. Her body still. She was dead. He got dressed and left her laying spread out, still tied on the bed.

Role Play & Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Sexual Assault, Forced BJ, Forced Fingering, Forced Orgasm, Ball Gag, Rope Tied, Cream Pie, Hand Strangle, Real Breath Play, Foot Views, Body Views

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The Rape And Murder Of Kay.mp4

The Rape And Murder Of Kay.mp4

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