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Description: Starring Coco

She was searching the location when the “homeowner” confronted her. But she knew it was all a ruse, that he was place here to guard something special and she wanted that info. But, she thought she would try ti get it the fun way rather than, well, the not fun way. She forced him to sit on the couch and proceeded to suck his cock. This certainly had an effect on the man. Enjoying herself, she kept going. After a while, she decided it was time to reverse the roles. She got on the couch-still leveling her gun at him, while he licked her pussy. Fuck, this guy was doing great. She was getting really turned on by his stills. In the moment, they stood and kissed. And that is when he took her gun. He knew it would not be long before he had her in his spell-well, enough to distract her. He fires without hesitation, right through her belly. She staggers against the wall, surprised by the turn of events. He reminds her of the harsh reality of what just happened, by shooting her three more times in the belly, punctuating this fact. She slides down then lays on the floor in agony. Then he forced her to fuck him. But, she is so horny that she is into it-even as he continues to shoot her. Finally she asks him not to shoot her anymore and give her one last orgasm. He complies, but as she is climaxing he stabs her in the heart, intensifying her last moments. As her life leaves her he drilled his cock deep in her tight cunt, emptying inside her unresponsive corpse. He leaves her posed on the couch to go call for clean up.

Role Play & Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Spy/Espionage, Forced Sex, Multi-Shooting, Stabbing, Nylons, Disheveled Clothes, Body Views

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Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Duration: 00:18:00
Framerate: 59.940 FPS

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The Spy Who Asked Nicely.mp4

The Spy Who Asked Nicely.mp4

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