Categories: RolePlay Snuff, Strangulation, Execution, Abduction, Maniac, PKF Studios

Description: Starring Ashley Lane, Dee Williams, Jade Nile, & Stella Pharris

Stella is found clad in lingerie and lying in a pool of blood on the bed. Her brains have been splattered across the mattress, but a pair of distinctive sunglasses still adorn her beautiful face. In an adjoining room, Jade and Dee are found in a similar state, but they are connected by a double-sided dildo that’s been inserted in both of their pussies. Both dead girls are wearing sunglasses with unique frames. Blood and brain matter splatters the headboard. The crime scene continues into the bathroom, where Ashley’s corpse is mostly submerged in the tub. The top of her head is just above the surface of the water. She is wearing sunglasses as well. Blood oozes from bullet holes in her torso. She has also been shot in the head. Who did this? Hours earlier, the group of gorgeous women are relaxing in the nude. Stella helps her friend towel off and delicately places jewelry on her. Stella slowly buckles high heels on her pretty feet. Next, Stella repeats the same process with Jade. She looks gorgeous with a bejeweled headband and gladiator style heels. They are ready when their security guard Dee arrives. There have been strange threats lately, so they hired on some extra muscle. Dee is well-dressed and takes note of Stella’s incredible ass as the girl fixes a cocktail. The two women make out and Dee fingers Stella’s pussy. Jade walks in on them and berates the new guard for fondling the servant. Dee unbuttons her blouse to show Jade her incredible rack. In the restroom, Dee encounters Ashley and kisses the tall, young girl while stroking the flesh of her mons. Dee opens her blouse fully and lets Ashley fondle her massive jugs. Ashley lies on the floor.

Dee licks her clit like no man has ever before. Jade walks in on the sexy scene and immediately is drawn to Dee’s fat booty sticking up in the air. She rubs Dee’s pussy and while Dee continues to suck on Ashley’s pierced clit. After enough fun, Jade orders the other two women to prepare for the initiation. Stella serves Jade and Ashley drinks in bed. The two gorgeous girls make out and starting having sex. Jade goes down on Ashley, making the young girl moan with delight. Jade makes Ashley return the favor and lick her hairy twat. The two kiss, their pussy juices mingling in their mouths. Ashley rides Jade’s face and then hungrily licks pussy. Lonely Stella soothes herself with booze, then masturbates in the spare room. She listens to her two gorgeous female masters making love and rubs her slit through her lace lingerie. She gets on all fours and makes herself cum, careful to cover her mouth to stifle the noise. Servants are forbidden to cum. Dee and Ashley fuck eachother with a huge double-sided dildo. Ashley slides it in Jade’s wet snatch and hungrily sucks on the other end. With the huge fake cock lubed with saliva, Ashley rides the dildo and both girls squeal in orgasmic rapture. They scissor and fuck, licking and sucking eachother’s toes. Just when the scene in the apartment couldn’t get any sexier or more debauched, a strange intruder wearing sunglasses creeps inside and catches Stella playing with herself. He steadily aims his silenced pistol at her and shoots her in the back. Another shot sends Stella twitching to the mattress. A third bullet to the head spreads her brains across the bed. In the other room, the two women continue to fuck, oblivious to what’s unfolding.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Multi-girl, Lingerie, Shooting, Blood, Brain Matter, Kissing, Lesbian, Fingering, Pussy Licking, Bathing, Big Tits, High Heels, Threesome, Dildo, Foot Fetish, Masturbation, Death

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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:46:07
Framerate: 60.000 FPS

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The Sunglasses Killer Part 1.mp4

The Sunglasses Killer Part 1.mp4

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