Categories: RolePlay Snuff, Strangulation, Execution, Abduction, Maniac, PKF Studios

Description: Starring Olive and Rose

This is intense, sexy, sultry stuff!!! A woman answers an ad for a unique modeling job. On live streaming camera, her and her employer are to duel with play knives. As they do this, each round, they molest each other a bit. They change out knife types and decide who the winner and loser will be before each round. They fight, each getting stabbed multiple times until one is definitively “dead”. The winner then gloats over the body as well as does some playing around. As the duel continue, their passion for each other grows more intense and the “playing” around gets more and more sexual until eventually they are fully satisfying each other. But there is a twist that poor Olive was unawares of. The last duel is with real blades. She is reluctant at first, then realizing this is for real and she must do her best to survive. The fight rages, but Rose is far more skilled then Olive, disarms her and plunges her blade into her heart. Olive drops to the floor and convulses for a moment before she dies, staring blankly. She explored Olives dead body, sucking her breasts and tasting her juices before leaving.

Contains: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Knife Fun, Stabbing, Lesbian, Fighting, Body Views, Foot Views

File Size: 5.26 GB
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:38:11
Framerate: 60.000 FPS

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The Winner.mp4

The Winner.mp4

Category: SNUFF