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Description: Jewell comes into my house where I’m building a working guillotine as a Halloween prop; it turns out being on a guillotine has always been her secret fantasy, she gets super excited saying that sha has always been looking at these history books with lots of excitement. She asks me the permission to try the thrill, at least up to the point when the blade is supposed to fall. I’m hesitant, it’s not a safe game, that guillotine works. But in the end she wins and I let her try it. She lays face up so she can see the blade all the time. She keeps talking to me, growing excited, as she starts to touch her pussy and masturbate. Things are getting serious, she definitely wants the blade to fall for real. Since I filmed the whole thing with a camera, I make her declaring that this is what she wants and I will not be considered responsible for her death. Once I get her declaration I’m ok with anything, so I wait for her to get to orgasm and let the blade drop. Her busty body shakes and convulses for a couple of seconds, then goes limp in her sexy high heels.

File Size: 3.31 GB
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:11:05
Framerate: 60.000 FPS


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The Guillotine – Jewell.mp4

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